3Percent Leads

YellowSchmello (YS) is a value added reseller for the leading provider of 1st party data using AI, machine learning and our 210 million American identity graph. Our goal is to provide the insight needed to understand who is in your marketplace looking to purchase your product or service.

We do this with two state-of the-art products: 3Present Leads and LeadsLasso.

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What is  3Percent:

For years big business has used the power of big data to better understand markets and consumer (and business) behavior.  Until now big data has not been available to small and mid-size businesses.

3Percent Leads makes the power of big data to you – today!


How valuable would it be to know who, specifically (by email) is currently in market looking to purchase your product or service.

How Does 3Percent work:

We have the ability to buy Big Data and than use algorythms and key words to find out who in your zip code, state, or nationwide is looking for your product. Once a week we deliver these leads to you and you can than market directly to them.

Benefits of the 3Percent Solution:

  • 100% of all 3Percent Leads come from humans… no more bots (This will save you a minimum of 20 – 40% of your media spend.
  • 3Percent Leads are Portable to a variety of ad channels. Multi-touch and multi-device at Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Mobile, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Direct Mail and Addressable TV and Radio.
  • Real Time Buying Behavior helps identify who is looking for your product or service today. This solution tracks 210 million Americans.
  • Closed Loop Analysis – we measure our leads results. Therefore, we can constantly fine tune, grade and improve your Leads.

Is It Time To Rethink How You Do Business?

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What is  LeadsLasso: LeadsLasso can capture the people who visit your website and do not form fill. We are able to capture their email address once they land on your site. You can use this email to directly advertise to them via real-time email, digital advertising across all platforms, direct mail, and addressable TV and radio. We understand how much time and money businesses invest in driving traffic to websites. Imagine… How valuable would it be to be able to realtime email a visitor once they have left your site. How Does LeadsLasso work: We place a pixel on your website which allows us to bounce your visitors off our 210 million person identity graph. This provides a 1st party email address. How to use your LeadsLasso emails: – Realtime email your website visitors – Bulk email your visitors – Build a custom audience and make your digital advertising more efficient – Own your retarget list – Direct Mail – Advertise on addressable TV and Radio If you are not using LeadsLasso, your business will be left behind. Discover how LeadsLasso can help your business. Let’s schedule a time to talk.