The Goals of Promotion

The Goals of Promotion

Promotion is a broad term.  Basically it is any method that communicates a message from a seller to a buyer, in order to influence beliefs or actions.  Since business success depends on standing out in a sea of competition, people are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to get their message across to potential customers.

When crafting a promotion for your company, an end goal must always be in mind.  A smart business owner will always think, “What is the purpose of my message?  What beliefs or actions am I trying to influence?” 

Three Promotion Goals

1.)     Inform

2.)    Persuade

3.)    Remind


A product does no good to anyone if nobody knows about it, especially if it is a completely new product.  Often, educating people that a product exists is enough to influence an action.  When Apple first introduced the iPod, many Apple fans and music lovers didn’t need to be persuaded at all.  They simply needed to be informed of what an iPod was.


Persuading is all about changing the attitudes of consumers.  Have you done your research and created a product that is different from competitor’s products? Does your offering create value for an end user? If you answered yes to both of these, then congratulations, you have done the bare minimum to have a successful business.  You know your product provides more value than your competitor’s, now it’s time to let your potential customers know why.  There are a million ways a product can deliver superior value.  Find what value yours delivers the best and let your customers know about it.  A smart phone might deliver superior value to a consumer who is obsessed with technology, where as a traditional cell phone that can only make calls may be all that a cost conscious customer wants.  Both the smart phone and the traditional phone provide superior value in their own way.  If you are selling the smart phone, then find the people who care more about technology than cost, then brag about how advanced the technology is!


Most businesses have a set of loyal customers.   Loyal customers are a company’s bread and butter.  They represent a reliable stream of business.  It is easy to begin to take them for granted.  Remember, a new customer is always harder to gain than an old customer is to keep.  The battle never ends!  While you are hard at work, your competitors are thinking of ways to persuade your hard earned customers that their product is better than yours!  Sometimes a simple reminder that your business is still the best at what it does can work wonders.

Does your business need help informing, persuading, or reminding your customers?  An online video or blog is a great way to promote your business.  Visit us at and see how YellowSchmello can help your business B found online.

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