Case Study’s

Case Studies

Some of the following case studies are taken from interviews with our partner agencies and describe experiences with our 3Percent Leads product. They are meant to serve as an example of our successes to illustrate the results one can get for your clients using the technology that supports 3Percent Leads. Even though we encourage multi-channel campaigns,  some businesses run single-channel advertising.

eCommerce Website – Facebook Campaign

An eCommerce company selling stereo equipment achieved an 85% reduction in average cost per click and a 400% return on their ad spend.

Details: 50% reduction in CPC, $13.67 CPA with InMarketTargeting vs. $45.88 without,70% reduction in cost per acquisition

CoolSculpting – Facebook Campaign

A CoolSculpting clinic saw an 1,800% increase in their conversion rate — from 2% to 37% — for a procedure that generates between $750 and $900 for the clinic.

Details: Conversion rose 18x — from 2% to 37%, Campaign produced a 38% call-in rate, And 43% of leads scheduled an in-practice consultation

North Carolina Mortgage Broker- Facebook Campaign

During the first 30 days of a Facebook campaign, an established lead gen funnel for a North Carolina mortgage broker produced 180 leads at an average cost of $5.75/lead.

Details: Client is projected to generate $72,000 in new revenue, Cost per lead was $5.75 over the life of the campaign, Campaign projected to produce 1 6,856% ROI per sale for the client.

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